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Judy Sheller

Judy Sheller

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What becomes a legend most? In the world of Los Angeles real estate, being co-founder of the legendary real-estate group Bizzy Blondes is a pretty darn good qualifier. Ever since 1990, when she pioneered the Bizzy’s team approach to providing full wraparound client service, Judy’s innovations have been often imitated but never duplicated.
How committed is she to the concept of “full service?” Let’s just say she once had a four-part domino transaction that all hinged on the first home closing, and when that buyer backed out to keep the deal alive, Judy bought it herself.
As passionate as she is about getting a client into a home, she’s equally passionate about stepping out of her own: She’s traveled to Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Greece, South Africa, Botswana, England, Portugal, and Spain, got married on a ship off St. Croix and has skied the slopes of Italy, France, Germany, and the Andes. But she says some of her best travel experiences have been much closer to, well, home: In an RV, with her husband and dogs, touring the U.S.A.
Clients love Judy’s “get it done” approach, that can only come from 40 years of experience and more than 3,500 transactions. “Whether someone’s buying a $300,000 condo or a $3 million house,” says Judy, “the important thing is that they feel as if you actually listen to and care for them. It brings me joy to hear from people years later that I helped them get their house and that it made all the difference in where they are now.

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