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Laci Buller

Laci Buller

Founder, Agent

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Some people spend a lifetime seeking their purpose, and then there is Laci Buller, founder of the Laci Buller Group. The daughter of a mortgage broker, she has been steeped in real estate since childhood. Laci closed her first deal at age 23 by helping a young couple secure financing for a home they hadn’t dared to dream they could make a reality. Thousands of transactions later, from starter homes to multimillion-dollar estates, Laci was recognized among the Top 100 agents by the Los Angeles Business Journal in 2020 and regularly made the top 1000 agents nationwide.
“It’s very simple,” says Laci. “I love helping people achieve their goals.”
Even when that goal is a bit unexpected, it’s not every realtor, for example, who will dash out of a client meeting in search of the family’s fence-hopping Husky—and deliver it back home safely in the passenger seat of her Jaguar FType two seater convertible!
Nor is it every realtor who wins brokerage humanitarian awards in addition to sales awards. Like the one recognizing how Laci helped a client raise money for a short sale to avoid foreclosure brought on by a medical crisis. And another for helping a client erroneously embroiled in a protracted bureaucratic snafu with the IRS by enlisting the help of a state senator.
“Clients hire us to bring in the full force of our resources, and we don’t take that lightly,” says Laci. “If I do my job well—and my results speak for themselves—then I’ve earned a client for life.”
With more than two decades in real estate, Laci brings a wealth of experience to those lifelong clients, having worked through market cycles both boom and, well, not so. And while no one wishes for the latter, having as your realtor a steady hand who has successfully navigated turbulent markets is a priceless asset.
Laci approaches her personal life with the same passion as her professional life: She’s traveled to do relief work in Mexico and Belize as well as the U.S. in the wake of Hurricane Katrina; she’s taught leadership skills to inner-city camp kids, and she’s given generously of her time fostering pets and volunteering at shelters. Laci travels, surfs, has gambled professionally (did we mention she’s a natural with numbers?), and has even been known to jump out of a plane and off a cliff now and then—with a parachute or bungee cord, naturally. But perhaps most thrilling of all? Laci is a mom to teenage twins. Talk about daring!
Besides donating money to various organizations, I have been on missionary trips providing relief in the U.S. for things like hurricane Katrina, in Mexico to help build a community church, and in Belize to help rebuild a community. I was involved in and helped lead a camp that worked with inner-city kids, teaching them leadership skills. I have spent time fostering animals and helping out at shelters. I was a volunteer coach that helped professionals achieve their goals. I have done community cleanup, volunteered at homeless shelters, beach cleanups, meals on wheels, and more. 

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