7 Renovations Buyers are Looking for in Mar Vista Homes

7 Renovations Buyers are Looking for in Mar Vista Homes

  • Laci Buller
  • 03/12/22

As we approach a new season, homebuyers are ramping up their search for homes for sale in Mar Vista and hoping for good weather to attend open houses and private showings. Many buyers interested in this relaxed, upscale neighborhood in Westside LA are looking for specific renovations to available properties like backyard entertainment spaces and a home office.

While all buyers have their own list of criteria in what they want in a home, there are some favorites among Southern California residents. Among them are great backyards where they can spend countless hours relaxing with the family and entertaining guests, a dedicated home office where they can work, and luxury renovations such as an exercise room and a spa-like bathroom. You can find many of these amenities in our current portfolio.

The more time people spend at home these days, the more they want a comfortable, functional house. Buyers interested in Mar Vista homes should start the process by hiring a knowledgeable and talented Mar Vista real estate team, like the Laci Buller Group, who have years of experience in this community and will be able to match your wish list with available properties. The median price of homes for sale in Mar Vista is $1.8 million, and it remains a hot seller’s market. A knowledgeable agent will strive to get the best deal for buyers looking for the following renovations.

Backyard space

Westside LA has been a great place for homeowners to build out their backyard with a deck or a patio for leisurely dinners on warm SoCal evenings. Homebuyers are looking for residences where this renovation has already been completed so they can immediately enjoy their big purchase. Luxury houses for sale in Mar Vista will also have an outdoor kitchen for family cookouts and barbecues with friends. Rounding out the ideal living space is an outdoor living room with a big-screen TV for watching all the sports Los Angeles is known for and a fire pit for relaxing on cool evenings.

Home office

With so many people working from home during the early part of the pandemic and many continuing to do so, a lot of homeowners found spaces they could use as a dedicated home office. Whether it was a converted spare bedroom or an otherwise unused space, homeowners added a desk, decent lighting, shelves or bookcases, and décor to help make them feel productive. As uncertainty continues to linger during the pandemic, and with some companies perhaps looking at a hybrid work model, many homebuyers have a home office high on their list of amenities.

A home gym

Another renovation homebuyers are looking for during the pandemic era is an exercise room or home gym. With many commercial gyms being affected by COVID-19 and residents being concerned about their health, buyers are looking for Mar Vista homes with their own exercise rooms. While gyms might have a large selection of fancy equipment, homebuyers simply want a space where they can set up their exercise bike or other equipment, including free weights. Another bonus is a space for doing exercises like yoga. Most buyers are happy with any converted room, but they appreciate having a big window that lets in the Southern California sunshine.


One of the most popular home upgrades during the pandemic was transforming the bathroom into a spa. Homebuyers have come to expect some kind of upgrade, even if it’s not a complete renovation. Spa-like bathrooms in Mar Vista houses have showers with room for two, seating, a steam feature, a rain shower head, attractive lighting, and even music. Another spa-like feature is a freestanding bathtub, either a traditional claw-foot tub or a sleek, modern design. A white vanity and a heated floor round out the room.


Buyers are also looking for homes in Mar Vista that focus on sustainable, eco-friendly renovations, cutting utility bills, and preserving the environment. Eco-friendly buyers favor homes with rooftop solar that provide electricity, as well as other touches that go well with the Southern California lifestyle: bamboo flooring and the use of repurposed wood, which adds a nice aesthetic touch.

Low-maintenance landscaping

Southern California homebuyers still love front and back yards, although they’ve pivoted to green-friendly outdoor spaces to help save money on their water bill to help the environment. Buyers prefer yards full of drought-tolerant plants, trees, and shrubs that require much less water. One desired renovation for families with children is a lawn made from artificial turf. It still has a pleasant look, requires no watering, and will withstand heavy use by the kids.

Tech features

Homebuyers also prefer smart devices such as a smart thermostat to automatically adjust the home’s temperature and a security system with video cameras and motion lights trained on the entire exterior. Other high-tech renovations include the many kinds of smart kitchen appliances now available. These appliances are energy efficient and, most importantly, provide a level of convenience busy couples and professionals prefer.

These are the significant renovations buyers are looking for in 2022. If you’re ready to begin shopping for updated homes for sale in Mar Vista, let our team at the Laci Buller Group use our extensive experience in new construction and emerging trends to help you find your next dream home in Southern California. Get in touch today.

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