Moving from New York to Los Angeles

Moving from New York to Los Angeles

  • Laci Buller Group
  • 02/17/21
There are many reasons why people are considering moving from New York to Los Angeles at the moment. The densely populated East Coast represents a struggle to remain free of COVID-19 at this time. In addition, LA’s lower cost of living, less competitive job market, and greater access to outdoor space such as national parks, beaches, and more are lures for moving from NYC to LA. Long distance moving is always a challenge, but with options like Real Legacy Estate Partners on your side, you can make things significantly easier for yourself.

Relocating from New York

Moving to the Golden State, especially Los Angeles, can open up a myriad opportunities to those accustomed to New York City life. The stereotype, of course, is that Los Angeles is one of very few cities in the world where you can surf and ski on the same day. Depending on the time of year, of course, this is eminently possible, thanks to Los Angeles’ excellent access to the outdoors. Regardless of the time of year, of course, you will enjoy far better weather than those living in Staten Island or the East Village are accustomed to. Green spaces such as Griffith Park and the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area provide ample opportunity for the hiking that is the de facto county sport of Angelenos.
Other advantages of living in the more spacious, low-density residential areas of Los Angeles compared to New York City include the West Coast lifestyle. Between the relative ubiquity of swimming pools, a more relaxed work culture, and relaxed legislation around both alcohol and marijuana, there is much to recommend moving from New York City to Los Angeles for families and young professionals alike. While you may miss some of the particular elements of New York City, you will still have access to the same high standard of cuisine, shopping, and culture that New Yorkers enjoy. Los Angeles is home to some of the country’s, and certainly the West Coast’s, finest restaurants and shopping districts. The city also produces and regularly hosts excellent theater, opera, concerts, and gallery exhibitions.
Moving to Los Angeles means not skimping on a moving company. A full-service long distance moving company will go a long way to making sure that you don’t stress overly about the difficult process of packing up your furniture. Before you get to that point, however, you’ll need to find a place to live in Southern California.

Los Angeles Real Estate Team Serving New Yorkers

Real Legacy Estate Partners is happy to work with out-of-state parties interested in buying a property in Los Angeles. We have multiple measures that we can adopt for those unable to view homes in person: virtual showings are just one example. At present, we are offering socially distant real estate services to all our clients, regardless of whether they reside in LA County or not.

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