Relocation Experts

Relocation Experts

  • Laci Buller Group
  • 04/4/21
Real Legacy Estate Partners offers its services as one of Los Angeles’ foremost groups of relocation experts. We are happy to help out-of-town families through the difficult process of relocating to Los Angeles, even for cross country moves. Trust us to make sure your big move is a big success!

What is a Relocation Specialist?

Whether you are undergoing a corporate relocation, moving to be closer to family, or just need to make a change, a relocation specialist is someone with the skills and connections to make that transition as inexpensive and stress-free as possible. They will manage the details of relocating so that the individual or family involved can focus on what only they can do. It’s best, therefore, to contact relocation services sooner rather than later when you sell your house. Relocations are more common than ever: over one in five Americans have relocated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, or know someone who has. There’s never been a better time to avail yourself of a relocation service.

Ways Relocation Experts Help Out-of-Town Buyers

There are many factors which can affect a relocation. Family size, destination, what is traveling with the family (or will need to be shipped), and budget. The following are common services offered by relocation specialists:
Selling current home: A relocation specialist will refer you to a real estate agent that can help sell your home. You don’t even need to be in the same city as your current home.
Finding moving service: Relocation experts have good relationships with movers, since they work closely together. They may be able to help you lower your moving costs.
Sourcing pre-move essentials: If you’re in need of storage, move-in or move-out cleaning, or even handymen or contractors to improve some aspects of your property for sale (or mend aspects of your new home) a relocation expert will have referrals to assist. They can even put you in touch with photographers and videographers to best capture your current home’s charm and maximize market interest.
Visa or immigration compliance: An international move can necessitate paperwork and other formalities to ensure you’re at liberty to reside and work in your new home. Relocation specialists can get you necessary referrals and advise on local consulates, bureaus, and the like.
Finding new home: Whether buying or renting, relocation experts can help you find a property that’s right for you.
Packing or shipping your possessions: If you have items (musical instruments, sculptures, vehicles etc.) which need particular attention when moving home, a good relocation specialist will be able to help make it work.
Shipping pets: Domestic animals can be hard to transfer across borders, but a relocation specialist can help you with what needs to be done.
Handling closing: The closing process for buying homes can vary from state to state. Your relocation specialist will be able to elucidate the matter for you.
Finding schools or daycare: Typically the moving process and the school-finding process go hand-in-hand, but there are cases where that might be harder, such as for children with special or specific needs. Relocation experts will help you chase down those resources.
Orientation: Need to take a tour of your new home’s locale to see what there is to do? Ask your relocation specialist to assist with finding suitable parks, beaches, community centers, gyms, and more. They can also help you find local service providers such as utility providers, doctors, dentists, vets, legal and tax professionals, babysitters, and anything else you could need.

FAQs about Real Estate Relocation Services

A relocation company can often carry your entire life (and your family’s lives) in their hands, so it’s understandable that you might have questions.

Q: How much does a relocation package cost?

A: This is a tricky question, because it can depend on any number of things. In the case of a corporate relocation, your employer will likely cover the full extent of the costs for you. Some relocation services don’t actually charge a fee, and instead recoup their expenses from referral fees. In the event that neither of the above are true, the fees will vary depending on the services you need, your current location, and the cost of living in the location to which you’re moving.

Q: What won’t a relocation service help you to do?

A: A relocation service wants you to be comfortable in your new home. However, they aren’t life coaches or personal assistants. They won’t look after your kids for you, or find you or your partner employment in your new locale. They’re also not available to run errands such as filling your new fridge for you.

Q: How can I make the best use of a relocation service?

A: The best way they work is with lots of notice. If you contact a service at the beginning of your move, they will have lots of time to manage your moving expenses and home buying process, negotiate with the moving company on your behalf, even arrange a remote home inspection if necessary.

Real Legacy Estate Partners: Your Los Angeles Relocation Service

For people moving to Los Angeles, Real Legacy Estate Partners are the wisest choice of relocation service. We can connect you with agents in the local area, and assist in selection of the perfect LA neighborhood for you. We have agents that are specialists in a variety of areas across the United States’ most populous county. Conversely, if you’re relocating from Los Angeles, Real Legacy Estate Partners can assist in that, with our concierge service. Contact us to learn how we can make your move a smooth one.

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